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Op-ed: U.S. Mining Policy Needs Retooling

December 04, 2017

As the need for clean-energy technologies grows, putting upward pressure on the prices of certain minerals and rare-earth metals, it’s time to reconsider a national mining policy increasingly at odds with itself.

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Op-ed: Trump is right to investigate America’s dependence on imported metals

August 11, 2017

Recently, President Trump announced an executive order aimed at strengthening both America’s manufacturing sector and the supply chains that keep it running.

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Op-ed: Infrastructure plan could be stymied by lack of resources

July 26, 2017

Recently, President Trump announced a $1 trillion plan to fix the nation’s roads, bridges, dams, and airports. And while Congressional approval may hinge on the specifics of funding these projects, Americans should be concerned with whether the country can obtain sufficient metals and minerals.

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Op-ed: Mine-permitting thicket is retarding U.S. competitiveness

April 07, 2017

The American Society of Civil Engineers just issued a new report card for the nation’s infrastructure and the results are abysmal. Our infrastructure got a D+. The ASCE warns that we must close a $2 trillion investment gap in the next decade to right the ship.

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Op-ed: Cutting Red Tape Will Help Restore US Mining, Middle-Class Jobs

March 20, 2017

It might seem hard to fathom after some of the recent election rhetoric, but according to a survey of global manufacturing executives, the U.S. is poised to overtake China by 2020 as the world’s most competitive manufacturing nation.

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