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Op-ed: America’s Dangerous Foreign Mineral Dependence

February 22, 2018

Now that we’ve finally made progress in our long struggle for energy security — thanks to fracking and the shale revolution — we are sleepwalking into a dangerous import dependence on the minerals and metals that are the building blocks to our 21st century economy.

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Op-ed: Rebuilding US infrastructure will require better access to minerals and metals

February 07, 2018

For a White House often accused of being divisive, President Trump may yet bring warring parties together on a major initiative that few voters will oppose.

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Op-ed: America’s Troubling and Growing Reliance on Foreign Minerals

January 30, 2018

Inside Sources carries an NMA third-party op-ed from Mark J. Perry, professor of economics at the Flint campus of The University of Michigan, in which he highlights America’s heavy reliance on imports of minerals.

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Op-ed: U.S. Mining Policy Needs Retooling

December 04, 2017

As the need for clean-energy technologies grows, putting upward pressure on the prices of certain minerals and rare-earth metals, it’s time to reconsider a national mining policy increasingly at odds with itself.

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Op-ed: Trump is right to investigate America’s dependence on imported metals

August 11, 2017

Recently, President Trump announced an executive order aimed at strengthening both America’s manufacturing sector and the supply chains that keep it running.

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